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Black Holes And Galaxies In Buddhism

Black Holes And Galaxies In Buddhism:

"Between every three world systems there is one world interval, which is like the space in the middle of three cart wheels or petals placed so that they touch one another. This world-interval hell (lokahtafikanirayo) measures eight thousand yojanas in size.'"(Anguttara Nikaya 819)
(*It sounds like that there are minimum 3 Habitable Solar Systems in a Galaxy around a Black Hole)

"Even in those world intervals, vacant and abysmal, regions of gloom and impenetrable darkness where the light of the sun and moon, so powerful and mighty, does not reach,819 there too a measureless glorious radiance becomes manifest, surpassing the divine majesty of the devas." (Anguttara Nikaya 127 (1))

"A world that is a thousand times a thousandfold minor world system is called a thousand-to-the-second-power middling world system. 514 (3) A world that is a thousand times a thousand-to-the-second-power middling world system is called a thousand-to-the-third-power great world system. Ananda, the Tathagata can convey his voice as far as he wants in a thousand-to-the-third-power great world system." - The Tathagata (The Buddha) (Anguttara Nikaya The Numerical Discourse 277 |Page:314)

"There is also a larger universe, consisting of a thousand of these small universes, called the middle universe. [In addition,] there is a great universe that consists of a thousand middle universes. This is called the triple thousand–great universe (sanqian taqian shijie). All of the great universe [that comprises many thousands of middle and small universes] undergoes the cycle of creation and destruction, and each locality where sentient beings reside is called a buddha land (buddha-kᚣetra)." (LengthyDiscourses Page: 152)

"Between every three world systems there is one world interval," - WORLD INTERVAL in Buddhism sounds like a Black Hole.
Buddha said about a "thousandfold minor world system" too. It sounds like a galaxy with around 1000 world systems. So if a 3 world systems make a WORLD INTERVAL then 1000 world systems can make a LARGE WORLD INTERVAL like a Black Hole. 'ABYSMAL, IMPENETRABLE DARKNESS' mentions a Black Hole. If there are only 3 Buddhist World Systems (including Brahma worlds) in a Galaxy then a WORLD INTERVAL can make a Black Hole with the forces of other Solar Systems in a Galaxy. Buddhist explanaitons about Black Holes, Galaxies, and Unverse are much better than irrelevent verses and fabrications in other religions.

According to Buddhism "There are 3 Habitable World Systems around a WORLD INTERVAL (Black Hole)". But there can be more Solar Systems around a Black Hole (inside a Galaxy) which are not habitabe. "A thousandfold minor world system (Galaxy) can have around 1000 habitable World Systems" too.

World System (Habitable Solar System with Humans, Gods and Brahmas)

A world system has not only vast temporal duration but is also stratified by way of various realms of existence, ranging from the dismal hell realms, worlds of intense suffering, through the animal realm, to the sphere of afflicted spirits (sometimes called "hungry ghosts"); then on to the human realm, and upward through ah ascending series of celestial realms inhabited by the devas (heavenly beings/gods) and brahmas, the deities and divine beings. There are six sensual heavenly realms: the heaven of the four divine kings, the Tavatimsa devas, the Yama devas, the Tusita devas, the devas who delight in creation, and the devas who control what is created by others (3:70/6:10, 8:36, etc.). Above these are the brahma world and still higher realms, spheres of rebirth for those who have mastered the meditative attainments. (Page: 31)

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